ANAT: News #38
scientific serendipity

Oron Catts and Yonat Zurr’s Tissue Culture and Art residency project at the University of WA, is reaching an end, and they are now working on the development of the exhibition component of the project, which they intend to realise with Scitech Discovery Centre in Perth.

Following a recent visit to the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO) in Canberra, David Rogers has been in discussion with the Engineering Faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney. The Scismic Project is hopeful that the earthquake simulator (which David acquired following the closure of the Earth Exchange Museum) will endure velocity displacement testing sometime late August/early September. The results from this testing will be presented at an Australasian Conference on “Shaker Tables” taking place in Sydney 29th/30th September.

As part of ANAT’s Scientific Serendipity residency program, David hopes to develop a more complete understanding of how and why earthquakes are caused. Working from copies of actual accelograms and comparing them with the tests conducted via a simulator, David has been testing the accuracy of replicating seismic events by means of machine apparatus. Through such testing he will attempt to set up a networking system to allow the streaming of global earthquake activity data, and enable the Earthquake Simulator to physically monitor global seismic activity. Much of his current research is taking place from the Triclops International workshop in Leichhardt, Sydney.

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