During 1998 ANAT's focus has been on the interaction between art and science. This focus, scientific serendipity has provided the framework under which a number of our key programs have been operating during the year, including the development of projects and commissions which directly engage with science, scientific visualisation techniques and technologies. In line with this focus on collaborations across the arts, technology and science sectors, the deep immersion program will continue in 1998 as deep immersion: scientific serendipity. The second year of deep immersion will initiate a number of residencies/research projects for Australian artists hosted by Australian scientific organisations. These residencies will investigate the discrete discourses surrounding sciences and media arts and will encourage the generation of unexpected and alchemic outcomes. The host organisation will provide a work space, some technical support and the critical context of a science research community.


deep immersion:scientific serendipity


1999 ANAT National Summer School in Science and Art


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